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A Laughter Yoga Facebook friend writes:

…maybe you have some ideas for a Laughter Yoga exercise using small silken scarves in many colors? I work with many groups of various ages, but one in particular are older and chair bound and I ordered these scarves from an educational supply web site JUST knowing I can use them for Laughing! Whaddya think? .

I reply:

Scarf from Shirleysilks

Here’s an idea based on a game that seems to always be fun, regardless of the participants – easy to explain, modify, etc. – it’s called The Sound and the Fury

Have people stand or sit in a circle. Give each of them a scarf, ask the first person to move their scarf in any way, accompanying their movement with a laughing sound. Then everyone imitates that movement. Then the next person leads. That’s it. Nobody has to remember anything. There’s no point (it’s from my collection of “Playful Games“). Do this until each person has had at least two turns, or maybe more, if it seems fun enough. Play with them. Exemplify something more outrageous when it’s your turn (use the scarf like a lariat and whoop, use the scarf like a fluttering bird and make giggling sounds).

Give everybody two scarves maybe. Or, just, you know, make waves – one person starting, waving, let’s say, the scarf in her left hand, then the scarf in her right, and the person to the right of her then waving the scarf in his left hand, and then his right, and on and on, making, you know, waves, like baseball fans or something. Accompanying each wave with a wave sound, you know, like “whoosh.” Or the sound of a laughing wave, whatever they decide that to be.

Or how about getting in position like you do in the Knee Games, one person putting her right hand (with scarf) on the left knee of the person on her right, her left hand on the right knee of the person on her left, etc. (you can figure the rest out from the description of the game (check the link).

And take a look at the Numbers Game and do the laughing scarf thing with that.

And then, o yes, here’s a perfect one – Group Juggling. Only with scarves. (Might have to knot them together for sufficient throwing heft – or better yet, make sure people are standing closely together, in whatever size group is just large enough to make it work.) Accompanied by Group Giggling. O, most definitely yes!

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