Something that beats something else that beats something else that beats something

Yes, it’s Rock, Scissors, Paper. Actually, it’s Panther, Person, Porcupine, a variation of Rock, Scissors, Paper. Even more accurately-speaking it’s a variable variation of Panther, Person, Porcupine. But I digress.

You play it with as many people as want to. I first played it during my keynote at Indiecade with more than 100 people, but that’s neither here nor there.

So, everybody stands up and gets in groups of three or more relatively immediately adjacent people. Together, they decide on three somethings. Each something makes a noise and a gesture (as in the aforementioned Panther, Person, Porcupine – but they can be anything, e.g.: flute, toaster, chicken coop). So, now that they’ve chosen their somethings and the gesture and sound for each, they decide what something beats what something else, as in the more traditional game of Scissors/Paper/Rock (a.k.a. Rock/Paper/Scissors).

They are then ready to play the game. First, they meet (in the case of more than two players) and decide what they will be. Then they count off and simultaneously manifest their choices. If they tie, they hug and pat each other on the backs making sounds of “isn’t that sweet.”

And then they play again.

In the case of more than two teams, you have yet another opportunity to hug and make sweet sounds when everyone happens to choose a different something to be.

Many and multiple are the delights of this variation of the variation. It’s fun. You can keep score, but it’s basically pointless. It’s like something else.

Here’s a glimpse, courtesy of Eric Zimmerman

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