Sound Travel

Some games are so mellow, so laid back, that people are prone, so to speak, to take short naps while playing. Not that they are bored, but rather, shall we say, transported.

The Sound Travel games are just like that. Players lie down or sit around, usually with their eyes closed. All they do for the rest of the game is make noises.

Before the game starts, one player suggests a theme. Here are some examples:

a day in the life of:

  • an iron worker
  • a teacher
  • a parent
  • a baby
  • a puppy
  • a crocodile
  • a meteoroid

Some others:

  • a trip to Rio
  • the evolution of man
  • earthquake
  • moon landing
  • armageddon

Once the vocal majority, or someone, has agreed on a theme, the journey begins. Players simply start making noises with their mouth and accessible body parts. These are, supposedly, the sounds of the journey as they travel through the location, or event, or experience, or time.

There’s no point or purpose. The goal is to somehow agree on where and when you are, and all end together. And therein lies the fun.

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