The Finger Puppet Proliferation Society

Killer Bunny Finger Puppet

Thanks to the loopy efforts of Colonel Yarnspinner and his Finger Puppet Proliferation Society, you can now crochet your very own Killer Bunny Finger Puppet, or your similarly very own Kiwi Finger Puppet, or perhaps a Ninja Finger Puppet, or, like, whatever. Complete instructions. Genuine fun.

I quote at length from the Finger Puppet Proliferation Society Philosophy:

Well y’see, I was sitting on the old public transport one morning, ruminating and cogitating, and suddenly the thought popped into my head that the world would be a happier and more peaceful place if everybody had some finger puppets. Because being a grownup, as you know I’m sure, is not always a barrel of laughs. Stress and worries, disasters and disappointments….it seems as though we in the Western world rely a lot on caffeine and chocolate to get us through the daily grind, but really, while those may keep the old noggin ticking over they don’t do too much for the soul do they? What the soul needs is a jolly good daily dose of old-fashioned FUN.

Now finger puppets are definitely fun. Fun to make, fun to play with whether you’re 9 or 99. And, as a bonus, they’re small and inconspicuous. You can easily keep a bunch of these chappies in your cubicle without everyone thinking you’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic, eh what? Just bring them out whenever you’re feeling less than chipper and put on a little play for yourself. Or if your colleagues are open-minded, do a performance over the edge of your cubicle, and before you know it you’ll be the most popular fella or lady in the place.

That just goes to show how much finger puppets can do to improve the general mood. So the more of ‘em there are around, the better things will be! I reckon that Osama Bin Laden chap would be a LOT less cranky if he had a bunch of finger puppet pals!

One of the best things about finger puppets is that they don’t take long to make. Recently there’s been quite a fad for this “yarnbombing” thing, people sneaking out at night and putting hand-made scarves onto statues and cozies onto telephone poles. Of course with my military background I’m all in favour of a bit of bombing, but not everybody has the time or inclination to spend days and days making these big items. So why not spend half an hour making a finger puppet, take a photo and then release it into the wild for someone to find and enjoy? You still get all the fun of a yarnbombing without the hassle, and as a bonus someone can take your creation home with them – nothing like a free gift to brighten anyone’s day!

As they very well might say: “Crochet your way to play with FiPPS.”

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