The First Annual Play Summit

It’s “The First Annual Play Summit” – an online event “exploring play in business, learning, and everywhere else!” produced by Group Jazz.

If you’ve never attended an online event, and are interested in any aspect of play, this could be the perfect opportunity. I’ve had the chance to experience an online Group Jazz event before, and it’s quite revelatory to discover how the simple act of reading and leaving messages can evolve into an experience of genuine dialogue and community. There are many discussions going on, simultaneously. Most feature an invited “speaker” or several, who, for a day or few, personally reads and responds to messages left by participants. This quickly evolves into page after page of interesting reading. Because so many conversations take place simultaneously, each participant can find those conversations that are of particular interest. In this way, participants become part of select virtual communities of like-minded thinkers.

The Summit’s themes:

“What are the latest best practices, leading edge approaches, benchmarks, and theories-in-use for engaging participants in group-based learning experiences face-to-face? Creating ways for groups to PLAY together!

“What are people already doing to complement, leverage, and even replace these best face-to-face practices using technology and media supported environments?

“What experiments, action-research, pilot projects, learning conversations, and new technology and media development need to happen to push the envelope and make significant progress in this domain?”

For more information, contact Group Jazz.

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