The Keyboard to the City Award

Today, I quote utterly and totally from Phil Shapiro’s DDN (Digital Divide Network) Blog – why? Because it’s fun. And funny. And clever. And worthy of us.

As part of a tradition, mayors often present visiting dignitaries with a “key to the city.”

Mayors who are forward-thinking might consider a twist on this and offer an annual “Keyboard to the City” award, honoring an individual or organization that has used creative thinking (i.e. ingenuity) and hard work to expand access to technology in the city.

How much would the media enjoy covering an event where the mayor solemnly declares, “And I now present you with the keyboard to the city.” He or she would then ask the recipient to kneel on one knee, and the keyboard would be tapped lightly over their shoulder. (USB keyboards only, please. If the keyboard is wireless, the tap on the shoulder should also be performed wirelessly.)

Mayors could use a little playfulness in their work day, too.

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