The Lexifunicon

by Bernie DeKoven

Forklike, I continue my multi-pronged efforts to bring yet another morsel of fun closer to the mouths of the many. We who hunger for fun. We who tour the supermarket of the world with all the varieties of fun so temptingly displayed before us in the freezer cases of truth, and walk away fun-hungry, fun starved. We know exactly what we want. We just don’t know how to read the packages. Which is why I invite you to this collection of new words for fun — this lexifunnicon of funonyms, as it were. To wit:

  • afunism – the belief that nothing’s fun
  • Allfun, The - the mythic Fun One; The All Fun, All the Time
  • Antifun, The – the irrational repression of happiness
  • beautifun – the fun of perceiving beauty
  • biofunology – the study of the biological origins of fun
  • cofunnication – shared fun
  • defunnication – taking the fun out of something or one or many
  • delightenment – a temporary experience of permanent delight
  • entercation – beyond infotainment, not so much making learning fun as making fun educational
  • enenment – what you are left with when you take the light out of enlightenment
  • enlightenupment – 1. the state of being enlightenupped. 2. becoming one with the funnum, often the result of a funnidelic experience
  • festament – the sacred obligation of having fun (EE)
  • fested – going to have fun in a tuxedo (EE)
  • festeem – the high honor attained by attending much fun (EE)
  • festhesia - the ability to feel fun (EE)
  • festiary – where the party supplies are kept. (EE)
  • festicate - to engage in an illicit act of fun (EE)
  • festicle – someone or something that catalyzes fun (EE)
  • festicum – a majority gathering of fun havers (EE)
  • festiflu – a hang over (EE)
  • festify – to laugh extra loudly for a well told joke and pound on the table (EE)
  • festige – the lingering ‘after shocks’ of having too much fun (EE)
  • festigram – a message of nothing else but laughs (EE)
  • Festimas - the ‘roving’  holiday, when you need something to celebrate (EE)
  • festimate – a guess of how many laughs a joke will bring (EE)
  • festimonym- the telling of how much actual fun one is having (EE)
  • festivate – 1. to sleep through all the fun (EE), 2. to make festive
  • festivator - one who festivates
  • Festivus – the Kostanzas (from ‘Seinfeld’) anti holiday for the restivus (EE)
  • festomer – a paying for fun customer (EE)
  • Festonia – the republic of fun (EE)
  • festop - to stop at a party (EE)
  • festray - a party animal, to end up at the wrong party (EE)
  • festure – clothes to have fun in.(EE)
  • forefun - the fun of getting ready to have fun
  • freudenfreude - taking delight in someone else’s achievement, the opposite of schadenfreude (see also “nachas“)
  • frolic acid - the fun vitamin (jed)
  • fun- what makes you like yourself
  • fun( v) is the active tense of the verb form of fun. I fun, you fun, we fun.It includes both having fun, being fun, and sourcing fun. (JN)
  • Fun Economy (The): a socioeconomic movement based on the observation that the more fun you have with others, the more fun you have.
  • fun (not):1) a near-dead experience (rd) 2:) what makes you not like yourself
  • funalog- something funlike
  • funalysis - searching for the primal glee
  • funaway – out of control fun (CK)
  • funaphrenigenic – one who is fun to be with for reasons unknown (rd)
  • funatic – can’t get enough fun
  • funatomy – the anatomy of fun’s body
  • funbiosis – a need to exist with fun (rd)
  • funburn - overexposure to fun (EE)
  • funburner - a fun human engaging in the act of getting or giving a funburn – (pammie)
  • function – when fun is really working for you (jm)
  • fund – fun money
  • fundable - the act of giving funds for having fun (sa)
  • fundalini - 1. the practice of conscious fun, 2. see this
  • fundamental - fun that wells up from below (cn)
  • fundation - 1. the place that gives away the fun (sa), 2. the basis of fun (AM)
  • funday - like funnite, except: 1) often devoted to the development of fununity, 2) longer, 3) occuring during the day
  • funderful – full of fun (EE)
  • funderous – the noise of fun (sa)
  • funderestanding – the fun of trying to understand fun
  • fundicator – an indicator of the amount of fun (see funeme) (AM)
  • fun-dive - a head-long or belly-wide plunge into DeepFUN
  • fundo – a celebration often involving dipping
  • fundown - when the fun is over (EE)
  • funducation - leading by fun (c.f. Follow the Leader)
  • fundus - the part of your brain which is always seeking out the fun in life (jm)
  • funebriated -drunk on fun (AM)
  • funectomy – taking the fun out of something or someone
  • funema – fun as a purge for sobriety
  • funeme - a unit of fun which, when combined with another unit of fun, creates more fun
  • funemia – lack of fun in the blood
  • funemployment – n. A period of joblessness that a person uses for leisure and other fun activities. —funemploy v. via Wordspy – also used by the fortunate few to describe actual, on-the-job fun
  • funeral – a once funny story (cn)
  • funerate – the act of generating fun (sa)
  • funercise – the practice/exercise of having fun (sa)
  • funereal - the dark side of fun (cn)
  • funetics – the study of the funique energy generated by fun-having
  • funfare – a flourish of laughter
  • funfold – unfolding fun (AM)
  • Fun Fu – the martial art of making it more fun not to fight
  • fungalow – a fun house (EE)
  • fungent - a funny fellow, 2. having the smell of fun (EE)
  • fungenuity – the ability to invent fun
  • fungible – can be made better with mushrooms (eamd)
  • fungle - to tell a joke poorly (EE)
  • funguide - a mushroom with good leadership skills
  • fungus – 1. fun that grows in the dark 2. the funloving soulmate of funted (cn)
  • funiatrist – one who understands the fun-(not) (rd)
  • funiatry – 1. fun-centered healing  2. the art of making things fun and v.v. 3 (per rd) the why of fun-(not)
  • funicello - endearing term for violinist who collapses into hysterics mid-performance; more likely to occur if concert takes place on a beach or if anyone in the audience is wearing Mickey Mouse ears (pd)
  • funici-wa - what you say to curious onlookers when laughing too loud in a sushi bar (pd)
  • funicky- extremely particular about the way to have fun (fm)
  • funicular – someone inclined towards fun (cn)
  • funkologist – deals with the lonliness of fun-(not) (rd)
  • funique – uniquely fun
  • funisher - the last person having fun (ee)
  • funisphere - the atmosphere where fun is occurring (EE)
  • funism: the belief that fun should become the measure of prosperity – that the more fun you have, the greater your value to the society.
  • funist: one who takes the damental out of fundamentalism
  • funiverse: everything fun
  • funiversity: center for the study of everything fun
  • funk – dull, stale, flat, and/or unprofitable fun
  • funkind – all playing beings
  • funky – 1. a strange or offbeat kind of fun (jt), 2. the key to fun (AM)
  • funlike – not actually fun, but also not actually not
  • funzard - (1) he with the Magical Power to get fun happening (I saw Lord of the Rings II over the holidays) also (2) The Oaqui (rd)
  • funly – demonstrating an attribute of fun: a funly person
  • funnel – the funloving soulmate of funjen [ remember king charles of spain's mistress nel (gwyn) who appreciated a certain kind of fun. It is my funtasy that she had a funloving friend named Jen who possibly also had a cousin named Gus . . . . .] (cn)
  • funnery – a retreat where one goes to escape the not-yet-fun world, to seek closeness to primal glee, where all communication is through laughter. (sd)
  • funnicate - to make fun
  • funnicatible -can be made fun
  • funnication - the art of making fun
  • funnicator – a maker of fun
  • funnicide - too much fun
  • funnidelics – mind-altering fun
  • funniferous- fun-bearing
  • funnification - to make something fun
  • funniform - fun-shaped, looking like fun
  • funnish – see funlike
  • funnite – a night different from all other nights, generally devoted to the development of sensifunnity
  • funnitivity – the potential to be fun
  • funnitude – a personal predilection for fun
  • funnius – being funny together
  • funniverse - everything fun
  • funniversity - a school for higher fun
  • funogamy – total devotion to one kind of fun
  • funology – the study of fun
  • funomenal – a really lot of fun
  • funomenon – 1. anything and everything fun. 2. spontaneous funbustion. 3 unique fun experience (AM)
  • funonym – another way to have a good time (SD)
  • funopia – seeing fun in everything
  • funophilia – a condition where even the slightest suggestion of levity causes an uncontrollable outpouring of unstoppable joy (nm)
  • funophile – fun-loving
  • funophyte - someone deeply rooted in fun
  • funorexia – a perverse and deadly delight in depriving yourself of fun
  • funosticator – fun futurist
  • funosophy – 1. the fun of thinking about fun, 2. the wisdom of fun (see funosophy)
  • funphobic – someone, event, or thing exhibiting fun-avoidance
  • funotheism – the belief that god is fun
  • funquest – looking for fun and having it, too
  • funqueteer – fun for all and all for fun
  • funrise - the lightening feeling of having fun (EE)
  • funshine - the perception of an increase in light and clarity that accompanies the experience of fun, 2. the glow in the eyes when having fun (EE)
  • fun shui - arranging the world to let the fun in (bc)
  • funsmith - someone who makes fun things, or things fun
  • funspotter – someone who knows where to find fun
  • funster – a festivator
  • funstruck - paralysis resulting from having too much fun (EE)
  • funtan – Fun when you lie in the sun (CK)
  • funtain – a splish splashing source of festivity (SD)
  • funtastic – fantastically fun
  • funtasy – a head trip [something funny that goes on in your head with allusions to tripping (the mainstay of the vaudeville stage and/or a neurochemical effect)] (cn)
  • funting- looking for fun (EE)
  • funtropic- a being or experience exihibiting funtropy – someone, or -thing happy
  • funtropy – 1) leaning towards fun, 2) ultimate state of universally generalized fun
  • funnum – the sum total of fun in the universe
  • funton- 1. lots of fun (CK) 2.foldaway fun (MW)
  • fununity – having and/or being fun together
  • funward – oriented toward fun (EE)
  • funway – long, straight stretch of fun (CK)
  • funwright – one who makes things fun, or makes fun things
  • gigglewatt – a measure of the energy generated by funshine
  • happily ever laughter – the goal of all relationships of the mind and body (SD)
  • infestation – the rampant spreading of play and celebration (SD)
  • infunnitessimal -the smallest possible amount of fun you can have and still want to go on
  • infunity - more fun than you can imagine
  • intertainment – collaborative entertainment in which the play is the thing created by the actors and the audience together
  • intifunda - uprising in the name of fun (TW)
  • introspectacle - large scale entertainment for the inner theater
  • introspectator - the third I, the inner-fan
  • Joyagra – a stimulant that allows you to have the kind of fun that you had when you were younger
  • joynt – a device that aids in the ingestion of certain funnidelics
  • lexifunnicography- op. cit.
  • medifuntation - (also meditafuntion)- what you can get when you put fun in meditation
  • millefunnium- the kind of fun that comes once every thousand years
  • monofunism - 1. the belief that fun’s fun, 2 the belief that fun is the only thing in life (AM), 3. the belief that there is only one kind of fun, hence all fun is one, in property and source
  • not-yet-fun – that which is not yet, nor intended to be fun. See this.
  • not-yet-funnitude – an attitude that leads to or results in not-yet-fun
  • omnifun – the sheer fun of it all
  • philofunnisophy - having fun just thinking about fun
  • phun – political fun, cf.: Is Fun a Four-Letter Word
  • Phun-Phen – dietetic fun with potentially dangerous side-effects including the reduction of belly-laughs
  • playfullize – to make playful
  • playfullizer – one who playfullizes
  • playkind everything that plays, see also funkind
  • playlessness – opposite of playfulness
  • playlude – 1. what happens before, between or after play. 2. tranquil fun
  • polyfunism - the belief that no two kinds of fun are alike
  • profund – deep fun
  • profunditty – a song evoking deep fun
  • psychofuniatry - practicing the healing power of fun on the innerverse
  • pungent – (alt) a funny fellow
  • refund – very fun money
  • refundant – having fun in more ways than one (SD)
  • refunnicate- to make it fun again
  • Serious - see “The Importance of Being Silly
  • sensifunnity – the ability to sense fun
  • Silly - see Serious
  • Sillium - a laxative for melancholy
  • sociofuniatry – the practice of using fun to heal the group mind
  • sociofunology - the study of the impact of fun on everybody else
  • synchrofunity - having fun with someone else at the same time that someone else is having fun with you
  • synfun – 1) pretend fun, 2) fun that’s not really fun
  • theofunny – religious fun
  • wonderfun – wonderfully fun, fun that makes you wonder

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EE, Pammie, PD, SA, SD, JN , RD, TW, CK, MW

all entries without attribution have been coined by Major FUN
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