The Limp Stick

Having discovered the near-infinite possibilities of the Sacky Sack, I found myself chafing at the conceptual bit, pondering the potential of the further development of Junkyard Sports equipment.

Sorely lacking, until this very moment, has been a fun, safe, junkly equivalent of the bat or club or mallet, even. Initial experimentation led me to a deep contemplation of “pantyhose-stuffed-with-bublewrap as bat,” pictured here with its coffe cup friend.

Actual investigations of the swatting power of p-s-w-b bat led to the selection of its official name: “Limp Stick.” The Limp Stick doesn’t really have that bat- or club- or mallet-like rigidity. On the other hand, with some experimentation, it: 1) is relatively possible to quite satisfyingly hit a 3-sack Sacky Sack or even a Bag Bag a most reasonable distance, 2) with a quite pleasant whap, and 3) most significantly, is soft enough to sustain engagingly pain-free-for-all jousting and sword play.

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