The Oaqui

The Oaqui (“oa” is probably pronounced “wa”, “qui” is most likely pronounced “cky”, as in “wa cky”) was or were first introduced to the world through the virtual writings of the person currently identified as “the Fun Coach”

For all he actually claims to know about the actual identity of the Oaqui, Oaqui could refer to a singular and/or plural, male and/or female and/or cosmic being. This is because: 1. the Oaqui communicate only by email, and 2. the Oaqui language makes no distinction between singular or plural, masculine or feminine, young or old. It is the Oaqui apotheosis to be seen as not only one with the many, but also many with the one. In this manner, the Oaqui is/are oft considered the true manifestation of me\we-ness.

And for all we know, there might be no such person or group as the Oaqui. This Fun Coach person might have made the whole thing up, just for the fun, and the depth of it.

Your friend and mine/ours

The Oaqui

The Fun Coach comments:

There some who assert that the Oaqui can be found in a similarly named country apparently located somewhere in the Philippines. It is certainly possible, however, despite our best attempts, we have as yet been unable to verify this, or in deed, anything about the true origins or location of the aforementioned.

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