the persistence of playfulness

They call them Soap Clouds. They’re the result of putting a bar of Ivory soap into the microwave.

“Sometimes,” writes Sara Wells and/or Kate Jones, “I let my kids just take the whole darn thing in the bath tub and have at it.  It’s one way to make sure they actually get cleaned in there.  Or sometimes I hold it up over them in the tub and let it ‘snow’ by smashing it and letting it sprinkle down like little snow flakes.  Or, you can let them make their own little soaps.  First, put the fluff in a bowl and let them do what they’ve probably been trying to do already- smash it to smithereens. It just kind of falls apart, so it’s actually kind of fun.”

OK. This looks like fun. Good fun. Good, clean fun. But what, I ask myself and you, could have possibly led to this discovery? What degree of intense boredom or momentary perversion could have led a mother to wonder about the effects of putting a bar of Ivory soap into the microwave?

I prefer to attribute it to playfulness.

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  1. Lily on August 1, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    I guarantee you it was not the mother that put the bar of soap in the microwave the first time. BUT, there was a mother who, after her small child did it, instead of getting mad and frustrated, saw the fun potential.

    My son once put a travel mug in the microwave. Just an fyi, metal insulated travel mugs start on fire in the microwave. Now we know. LOL Microwaves hold so many “scientific discoveries”.

    Love and laughter,

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