The Philosophy of Play

My virtual colleague Marc Armitage, (a profoundly playful advocate of free play and adventure playgrounds) shared the following quote:

“Play is ultimately impossible to explain because it is not a meaning but, rather, the very condition for the possibility of meaning as such. It could be called an impossible possibility.”

~John Wall (Ethicist), Ethics in the light of childhood (2010)

Searching a very little further, I discovered (on his bio page from Rutgers University), a video of his lecture  on the Philosophy of Play.

Here‘s the last seven minutes – to get a taste. In it, he talks about how we need to learn about play from the experts (children, of course), how play is not a separate activity, but “a quality of being in the world;” how play is about the creation of new meaning; and how, therefore, philosophy, itself, is play. If you’re still hungry for more, you’ll find the whole lecture, in its full, 41 minute, subtly flavored sumptuousness, below:

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  1. Wendy Russell on September 18, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Lovely stuff Bernie! Just to let you know, there will be a book published by Routledge of a collection of papers from this conference (including John’s). We hope to be able to launch the book at the next Philosophy at Play conference due to be held in April 2013 in Gloucester, UK. There’s still time to get in an abstract to present a paper – deadline is 28 September! See the events page on our FB page


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