The Play Manifesto

I started here, at a post on Cynthia Jabar’s called “INTENTION #2, 2011: PLAY MANIFESTO.”

So I went here:

and was intrigued to learn his assessment of the issues that confront Bulgaria – how its last place in innovation, health care, happiness, education, business – affirmed by his affirmation of play as a central, nay, revolutionary factor in bringing about change. I loved it when he talked about the “serious gene” and said “I’ve been told that I shouldn’t let my kids play so much because it wouldn’t prepare them for the seriousness of life” almost as much as I loved the audience reaction. But I needed more.

After I watched the video, I found my way here to Steve Keil’s Play Manifesto site, which is most clearly chock full of playful potential (yet to be completely actualized). So I still needed more.

So I went here to find out more about Steve’s speech, which was illustrative, but only somewhat illuminating.

And then went back here, where I started this journey.

You come, too.

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