The playful mind will be open to accidents

This post was written by Tobias Beckwith. It was a gift to me from the gifted Craig Conley, author of many playful wonders

I especially liked this part: “A sober-minded person often resists spirituality. A very spiritual person resists sober-mindedness. Republicans resist Democrats and the other way around. Creative people tend to resist pragmatism and pragmatic people resist exploring more options. But our mind becomes lazy if we hang on to our own beliefs too long. Explore in all directions: switch your daily routine regularly. If you take a break, don’t just rest, but do something opposite from the thing you’re taking a break from. If you’re a physical person, do thought experiments. If you’re a thinker, surrender to dance, bioenergetics or sex. Switch religions every month! You’ll discover that beliefs are just beliefs and you can play with them to evoke new ideas.”

The whole piece can be found here.

Here’s the playful mind reference:

The playful mind will be open to accidents and notice unusual opportunities. At first, it will feel strange because we learned to control everything in our lives and suppress uncomfortable feelings. But soon you will start to love this strange feeling of being open to chance. Then you will stack one invention on the other just like Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning father of modern genetics. He was under the influence of LSD when he first deduced the double-helix structure of DNA in the fifties. And LSD itself was a case of serendipity, according to Albert Hofmann, who conducted the pharmaceutical research LSD was a byproduct of.

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