The Polder Cup – where sports meet art

“With Polder Cup, (artist Maider) López will be playfully combining the Dutch love of football (soccer), water and consensus culture. In the polders near Ottoland in the Province of South Holland, she will paint football pitches on the surrounding pastureland. Ditches will cut right across the pitches forcing players to come up with new rules and new tactics. The Polder Cup is set to rejuvenate international footballing language. As López explained, ‘The rules of football are in part determined by the shape of the pitch. If you change that shape, the rules are automatically changed along with the game of football as we know it. It will become a new game. The players will have to come up with new tactics, thereby reinventing the sport of football.'”

Once again, art meets sports. Once again resulting in a new invitation to fun. It is to celebrate.

 via Pop-Up City

from Bernie DeKoven, FUNcoach

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