the ultimate playmate

And now, having read and imagined all four of the previous posts, you are ready to invite the ultimate playmate – or, perhaps I should say the Ultimate Playmate, to your Inner Playground.

Now that your inner tire swing and sandbox are installed, tested, and all guarantees, implicit or impossible, are void, it’s time to invite your Inner Superstars. Silly and Serious, of course. But how about imaginary somebodies even more fun to play with? How about the people you love to play with, how about all the people you’ve ever loved to play with, how about the people right here? How about god? No, not the uppercase G god. Your very own, personal, almost made-up god.

Imagine, if you need to, holding hands with the people on either side of you, playing some silly game. Like the one where you pass a squeeze. So if someone squeezes your hand, you use your other hand to pass the squeeze to the next person. Imagine that you’ve done that for a while, watching the squeeze pass from person to person. Round and round the circle. And then you close your eyes. And try to imagine the other people in the room. With their eyes closed. Passing the squeeze. Open your eyes now and see if the squeeze is where you imagined it to be. Close your eyes again. And then open them. Close and open. How close is the Squeeze to where you thought it was? Keep score if it helps. And then close your eyes and keep them closed.

Next time your hand gets squeezed, imagine that it’s not your neighbor, but, well, so maybe it is really your neighbor, but you’re pretending that it’s not. You’re pretending it’s god. Not the real hand of the real God, but the hand of the lower-case inner-god you’re imagining.

Since you’re pretending that a hand squeeze is the touch of god, you might as well pretend it’s a kind of cosmic touch, a touch from your very own, unauthorized version of god. Not necessarily an angry god, and not just a Just god, but a god that’s, for example, fun. Really fun. A god that’s incredibly, majestically, supranaturally fun, and is there for you, just to have fun with you. A god that greets you with every smile, every laugh, every moment of joy.

Play on!

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