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The Major FUN Award goes to games and people that bring people fun, and to any organization managing to make the world more fun, through its own person contributions, and through the products it has managed to bring to the market.

Major FUN especially likes games that:

  • make people laugh
  • are original, flexible, easy to adapt
  • are well-made, durable, easily stored
  • are easy to understand and teach

The Major FUN award has been pesented to these:

People and organizations

Jim Andrews for the creation of the poetic play experience Arteroids (review) Roz Trieber for her lectures and presentations on humor and healing (review)
for its pioneer service to independent game companies and independent-thinking game players. (review)

Stevanne Auerbach (Dr. Toy) for her lifelong commitment to quality toys and parenting. (review)

The Varieties of the Balloon Hat Experience A world tour of balloon millinery - beautiful photos of deep silliness (silly, as in "blessed") (review)



Games and Toys

Curses, a high gigglewatt party game. (review) Apples to Apples, fun with words for 4-10. (review)
the fast-paced card game that can make you laugh. For two players, ages 7-up (review) Fidgets, tools for amusing musing .(review)
Hoopla, four guessing games in one for two or more cooperating players, teen to adult (review)  Brainstrain combines 20 questions and Password for a challenging, fun guessing game requiring cooperation and competition (review)

Catch Phrase - hot potato meets password in this fast-paced electronic game for two teams of as many as 12 adult players each. (review)

Man Bites Dog - make high scoring headlines with this fast-paced, creative word/card game for 3-6 players, ages 8 and up (review)
Squint  - a brilliant, Pictionary-like game that uses a unique system of Shape cards. 3-6 players. Ages 12 and up (review) SET - find sets of three in this elegant and perceptually challenging card game for one or more players ages 6 and up. (review)
A to Z - a remarkably fun, and often funny word game for 2-4 players or teams, ages 8 and up. (review) Gavitt's Stock Exchange - the original, easier to play, and just as fun version of PIT. (review)
Qwitch - a fast, excrutiatingly fun card game for 3-5 players ages 7-up (review)

 Sequence - combines cards with five-in-a-row for a well-balanced, luck/strategy game for 2 or 3 players or teams, ages 7 up. (review)

Coodju - a party game of wacky spelling. 4 or more players. 14-up (Coodju lite for 7-up). (review) Respond - Like Geography and Categories only not. Fun, fast word game for two or more, 8 up. (review)
Backround - a word game for 2 or more players, 8-up. (review) There's only one Fluxx. It's a card game that starts out with only two rules, and ends with maybe eighty-four. (review)
Fabrication is a party game that will reveal just how cunning and deceptive your best friends can be. (review) Gobblet is a four-in-a-row game for two players, 7-up, using nesting pieces.(review)
Tangle Toys (see also Tangles in the Meeting Room) "don't worry beads" for the rest of us. (review) Apples-to-Apples customized cards system lets you print your own. (review)
Stack is an elegant strategy game for 2-4 (or 8 with two sets) you play with dice. 7-up. (review)  











Most Major FUN-award winning games can be found a the Game Preserve stores. The Game Preserve carries an amazingly comprehensive collection of games. The games they carry are always in stock. Dealing with them is the closest on-line equivalent I've found to dealing with a neighborhood toy store - where the proprieters are informed, caring, reliable and enthusiastic. And to add to the enthusiasm, they are offering free shipping to all who add the Bernie Sent Me item to their shopping cart. Though there are other sources for games, online and off, The Game Preserve has been chosen the preferred source for Major FUN-award winning games because it has the widest selection, the best customer-service policy, and some of the nicest people I know.

On the other hand, if price is your only concern, and you're also interested in buyers' reviews, see Funagain games.