The Toilet Paper Connection

You are, of course, familiar with Toilet Paper Tug of War. What you may not have yet encountered is the recently invented game of The Toilet Paper Connection

Like its predecessor, it involves at least two people, and a length of toilet paper. These aforementioned players, as in the aforementioned game, hold the proverbial toilet paper in much the same manner. The differences are:

1) One of the player has her eyes closed.

2) The other player is silently guiding her, using only ever so subtly slight pulls on the toilet paper to help her get from hither to specified yon.

Perhaps before the game actually starts, the two players agree on the end point, the goal, as it were, that the eyes-closed player hopes to find herself having reached.

In any event, needless to say, both the toilet paper and the eyes-closed player must reach that goal in tact.

The more players, the more fun.

If at first you don’t succeed, try playing it with a length of toilet paper in each hand.

This can be played with many couples simultaneously, but not necessarily. The more players, the greater the fragile beauty of it all.

All of which leads to the following conjecture:

Would it be possible, he wonders, to play Follow the Leader with your eyes closed – if everybody were holding on to a length of toilet paper? if the leader had her eyes closed too?

Am I just asking here? Could I be actually suggesting you try it?

miss natalie marie writes:

I played them back to back, with the tug part being a competition, and the pair who made it look the most realistic and lasted the longest won one of my life changing smoothies the following week…and that was wonderful. I love falling in love with these players, their willingness to jump in and go wherever. (I am going to write a blog about meeting people this way, how lush ) so, the audience decided to cheer like a wwf crowd and got into being an awedience and so it was very activated, then I just changed the one word from tug to love and changed the music…the group decided to use tp to bind the eyes of the person they were leading…which was a nice touch. I got to be one of the first. I told them they needed to take the person on a sensory journey and to not break the tug of love….someone brought me outside to smell a flower dropped in the snow. I was captivated. Shivering, awake, led. When I took my blind fold off, i saw this older woman leading a younger man around and having him lightly drag different parts of his arm along the huge gong in the workshop. Another person was singing while leading, another person splashed droplets of water on the other person’s face.. I was actually really surprised by how deep they went.

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  1. miss natalie marie on January 19, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    awesome wonderful awesome. am going to play both versions of the toilet paper involving game at tomorrow’s yesplaylove, which, of course is all about lover play. I’ll send you pics. This is gonna be fun as hooties

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