The Tongue of the Frog

For quite some time now, scholars, theologians and seekers of enlightenupment have debated over the significance and function of the Tongue(s) of the Frog of Enlightenupment. Whilst a “real” frog has a long, curling tongue that is anchored, oddly enough, to the front of its lower jaw, the Frog of Enlightenupment appears to have either a forked tongue, or two tongues stemming from the back of its conceptual throat.

Some of the currentmost hypotheses are that the Frog of Enlightenupment requires both tongues so that it can give mute voice to:

  • the fundamental duality of the mind/body connection
  • the essential dialectics of consciousness
  • the I/Thou relationship
  • the polarity of all that is good and all that isn’t
  • the twin truths of Serious and Silly
  • the sheer ambivalence of it all

After 4 billion years of exploring and designing meditation games, the author’s/s’ personal experience validates all, and, curiously, none of the above.

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  1. Michael on April 1, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Yes, and as we learn from the eminent scholar of the Oaqui, Assai Marilee G’wlong, petroglyphs depicting the FOE have been found in caverns in Whole Mesopotamia showing a primitive pre-yin/yang symbol emanating from FOE’s mouth, suggesting the tongues may in fact represent “Light And,” “Knowledge And,” “Truth And,” and yes, as students of modern improvisational theater have in recent years rediscovered, “Yes And…”—or in the french colloquial, “Mais oui!” (which anglicized would be written “Me/We”).

    Always happy to pass along the Oaqui teachings of Dr. G’wlong.


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