Trashball and other works of Urban Hacktivism

A little paint, a trash can, and the “Hacktivism” of Florian Rivière is apparently all it takes to bring play back to city life. Well, at one some small part of a city.

Or, a little more paint, a parking lot and two shopping cards for a game of parking lot soccer.

That’s two from this guy. He does other urban-hackativistic-fun-type things, but these two examples harken me back to the spirit of Junkyard Sports. In fact, they more than harken. They point to yet another way to invite people to share a moment of spontaneous play, to invite them back to the world they work in and add to that vision the fact that it is also the world they play in. To think, a little paint and some found objects is all it takes to help people feel just a little more free, a little lighter, even if they think they don’t have time to play.

via Lost at A Minor The Atlantic Cities  and Pop Up City

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  1. Lily on May 5, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Cute. Of course, chalk would work almost as well, without the risk of vandalism charges. A friend and I were just talking the other day that when we got sidewalk chalk, the first thing we did was draw a hopscotch court. The ability to draw one landed a kid into the “cool” group. If it rained, well it was just an opportunity to draw an even better one when the sun came out.

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