Turning tables

turntable checkers

During our Games Preserve days, we had such an extensive collection of board games that we eventually build our own game tables so that we could better invite people to play some of our “featured” games. Being of playful bent, we made all the tables turnable.

Eventually, we incorporated the turning of the turntables into our recommended approach for playing all of our board games.

We made it a suggested rule that when any player fell behind enough to make the outcome of the game more predictable than either player would prefer, either player could turn the table, hence switching sides.

We initially recommended that only the winning player would be entrusted with this option. Our logic seemed impeccable, to us, at least. A true sportsman, we reasoned, would prefer to extend the challenge. Why let a fun game end just because you’re winning?

Ultimately, we were forced to accept that we were appealing to a state of enlightened play that was beyond the capacity of the vast majority. So we made it the rule that the tables could be turned only if both players agreed. Often, this provoked laughter on both sides. Rarely, a moment of deep ahatitude. Sometimes, less desirable responses were provoked. But we kept the tables turning anyway.

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  1. mary adshead on August 2, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    EXCELLENT! Love it!

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