Turtle Wushu

Turtle Wushu, one might say, is much like Lemon Jousting, only with turtles – little toy turtles that one balances on the top of one of one’s hands, and attempts to knock off of one’s opponents’ hands with one’s other hand, as illustrated above, and explained, in amazingly moving pictures, with sound, below:

Turtle Wushu is but one of many delightfully public games featured in the Athens Plaython, taking place, at this very moment, in, yes, you guessed it, Athens, which is also in Greece.

I had to mention this game to you because of yesterday’s post, wherein I digress towards a momentary contemplation of Playing for Fun, to offer this day an exemplary game that transcends the boundaries of both cooperation and competition (alright, so it doesn’t exactly transcend competition as much as embrace it, nor does it transcend cooperation as much as ignore it) by tapping, illustratively, into the abovementioned power of playing for fun.

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