Ultimate Hoseball

We really only got to play two junkly sports at the Redondo Beach Fun Fest last Sunday: Ultimate Hoseball and the Fling-off.

Ultimate Hoseball took a good hour to play. Not that it couldn’t have taken a good half-hour, or probably good half-day. Each of the two goals (there could have been more, you know) was made out of a water bottle (half-filled with sand so that it wouldn’t blow over). The game was based on Ultimate Frisbee, of course. Basically, you couldn’t run with the hoseball. So you had to throw it to a team mate, who, in turn, had to throw it to another team mate, who was hopefully close enough to the appropriate goal-bottle to knock it over. Yes, I know, there were some very important rules left out. But no one seemed to care. The game worked. People came and went, as is the tradition in most good and funly fests, joining this team or that. Or just watching. Or maybe blowing bubbles, as was their wont.

The Fling-off started when some younger kids joined, and the older amongst us had had enough. The goal – to see how many hoseballs we could get in the air at the same time. This was a perfect finish to our fest-part. The high-flying hoseballs were just the thing to attract people from all over the field. It was self-explanatory. And seeing all those hoseballs in flight was kind of, well, spectacular.

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