Vice, Fun, and Tatoos, too

Vice, according to the Oaqui*, is also a Oaqui creation.

Why would fun folk like the Oaqui, who claim/s to have created something as healing and wholesome as laughter in the first place, create something as evil and vile as vice in the second, you ask?

Is vice fun?

Are you kidding, ask/s the Oaqui?

Vice, respond/s the Oaqui, is about as fun as you can get while hurting yourself.

And hurting yourself, add/s the Oaqui, is something you need to do as much as you need a hole in the head, or ear, or tongue, or else.

Vice, explain/s the Oaqui, is an idea that occurred almost at the same time the whole idea of creating fun seemed so cool.

Vice, conclude/s the Oaqui, is not what the Oaqui consider to be a good thing. But it is an undeniably fun thing. A thing from the not-yet-fun that is a slap-in-the-face, needle-in-the-arm reminder of the primacy and primordiality of fun.

A lesson in fun you ultimately can't forget.

Like laughing to death.


"Might as well remove those doubts," say/s the Oaqui, "Fun is what it's all about."