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Meditation Games

Those of you who have been following the evolution of DeepFUN Meditation (and who among you could resist the fascination?), will find yourself/ves curiously excited, if not downright gleeful, to learn that everything on the DeepFUN site that used to say things about DeepFUN Meditation, is now saying the same things, and more, about Meditation Games.

Yes, the DeepFUN is gone. I've decided to drop the fun part and the deep part, too. Just in case this time of downturning makes "fun" too hard of a sell. I figured maybe its easier for people to buy meditation games than fun. Games, because they are kinda like things, and people like to buy things more than ideas. Because the Frog of Enlightenupment really doesn't care what you call it. As long as it gets to play with the people and the people they play with, as long as it helps them connect with the sheer fun of it all.

Meditation Games.

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