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The Bernie

It is with a sense of vast self-import and potentiating glee that I both introduce, announce and unveil the soon-to-be coveted

As Defender of the Playful, I must be on near-ceaseless vigil for those acts of extraordinary public silliness, those manifestations of innovative invitations to genuine play, those inventions and intentions that make the world a little more fun. Hence, at long last, after great deliberation and untoward exercise of self-restraint, I have gathered the necessary conviction and self-assurance to hereby and -with announce and establish for all time, until further notice

As devoted daily readers of this clearly invaluable weblog, you both may and should have noticed that I, with increasing frequency, have been more than mentioning toys, games and people of play who and which have achieved my personal noteworthiness as somehow exemplary of actual fun. If you feel that you are such person or that you have produced such a product, neither hesitate nor refrain from contacting me immediately. You, too, may someday earn the potentially cherished privilege and right to have a Bernie of your very own.

The Soon-to-be-Coveted Bernie was designed by herself, Webmistress extraordinaire, Julie Wolpers

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