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New Age Kurling

They call it "New Age Kurling." It's an iceless and broomless version of the sport of Curling, which is similar to Shuffleboard, which is a descendent of a 16th century called "Shoveboard," "Shove Ha'Penny" and, of course, "Sjoebak." All of which is to say that there's something about sliding things into things that is inherently fun.

Back to New Age Kurling. What we have here is a game that can be played by people of different ages and abilities, together. There's no question about inherent play value of New Age Kurling. (In fact, should you find yourself with any remaining questions about the the fun of New Age - or even old age - Kurling, you can even Curl virtually). The point is, any game that makes it possible for people who normally don't play together to compete fully and equally is a game worth our collective appreciation.

Many thanks to correspondent Drew Buddie, who told me about Kurling in response to my article on the questionably named game of "Hurling." Drew also informs me that there's an even more violent, Scottish version of Hurling called "Shinty," which, as he says, "is played by really hard men." All of which makes New Age Kurling an even more welcome addition to our games repertoire.

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