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Print Games

Print Games - "click - print - play." That just about sums it up. You click and download an artistically designed .PDF file complete with pieces, board and instructions), you print (it definitely helps if you have a good color printer), and you play. Well, you also have to cut, and in some cases even fold. But it's a small price to pay to wind up with a new, fun board game. Speaking of small prices to pay, only a few of the games are actually free. For the rest, you do in deed need to pay a small price, maybe a few Euros.

These are bona fide board games. The instructions are generally easy to read. The pieces and board usually beautifully illustrated. But what makes this site of special interest is the whole idea that games can be invented, marketed, and even sold - without ever actually being manufactured. It's an invitation to game designers who are fed up with the difficulties of getting their work into the hands of the players they've designed them for. It's an invitation to game players who are equally fed up with the expense and difficulty of acquiring new board games.

Some games are only a few pages long. Some as many as 10. There aren't that many, but there's a good variety. With a little more visibility, Print Games could establish an exciting precedent for both publishers and players, providing inventors with far greater access to a wide and esoteric public, and players with an opportunity to find exactly the kind of game they're looking for - right on their own printers.

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