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It's called "Spit." It's also called "Speed," which is actually more descriptive of a major prerequisite for playing this game of double solitaire. But I think Spit captures the experience a little better. Not that anyone actually spits. But there are times when you find yourself somewhere between drool and slobber as you try to balance strategy with speed. Given the mind-and-card-bending delight of the frolicsome fray, the game is frequently, and mistakenly relegated to children. It is this egregious error in judgment that led to my renewed interest in the game. This, and the discovery of a most satisfyingly competitive online version that one can play, for virtually free.

I needs must point out that Spit/Speed has been the inspiration for more than one family-frenzy-worthy card game. Like, for example, the Major FUN Award-winning Qwitch. Qwitch goes beyond Spit, as it were, with its own unique deck of cards bearing both letters and numbers, and the canny use of a special die that changes the criteria for the order in which cards get played.

If you find Spit and Speed insufficiently amusing, you might consider the more sedate, semi-strategic, turn-taking game of Spite and Malice. Very adaptable. Spawning many significant variations. Playable by a minor multitude. Spit-like in concept. But not Spit.

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