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Bag Bag

Here you see the Official Junkyard SportsŪ Bag Bag. If it appears to you that the Bag Bag is little more than a bunch of those plastic store bags stuffed into another plastic store bag, you are both shrewd and cunning in your observational powers.

It turns out that the common household Bag Bag has properties, which, when properly put to play, lead inevitably to the creation of many funly volleyball-, basketball-, and soccer-like experiences.

Significantly funly.

Not only is is light enough for pain-free-hitting while being heavy enough to manifest comparatively impressive athletic prowess, it also makes a cool noise when you hit it.

Also, because removing a bag or two from the Bag Bag usually does little to impede the resultant Bag Bag's playworthiness, the Bag Bag becomes a resource for yet more bag-based sports, from Bag Bag Bagball (basketball played with a Bag Bag with bags for baskets) to Hoseball Bag Tag, where everyone has a bag tied to a belt loop on the back of their pants, and a Hoseball or Sockball, and, while trying to keep others from throwing their Hose- or Sockball into their bags, attempt to get their sock-thing into someone else's bag. For no particular reason.

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