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Embedded player Noise E. Piranha reports:

"Spring has finally sprung here in the northeast, and yesterday while I was playing Frisbee with a friend in a nearby park, we saw a group of people playing an interesting game that you, perhaps, invented?"

Not, in fact, having invented that game, I probed for further details. Noise elaborated:
"It was like baseball, but the ball was huge... bigger than a dodgeball, but smaller and more substantial than a beach ball... like a big kickball, I suppose. And the bat wasn't a bat at all, but a broom. And they were having a lot of fun.

"Yes, they were hitting the ball with the sweeping end of the broom. Or at least they were trying to. I dunno if they had official bases/positions, but they seemed to be in the traditional diamond-shape with a pitcher. I assume they had teams, but I suppose that's quite an assumption. They were relatively close to each other... I assume it's not easy to hit the big ball very far with the broom."

Play on, o people of the broom, play on!

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