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Junkyard Golf with the Indianapolis Rainmakers

Here , yet another small victory for Junkyard Golf and team building. Facilitator and Junkyard Golf Pro Kevin Eikenberry reports:
In the final round, the small teams debriefed their experience, using questions I provided them. The questions I created specifically for this group and situation include:

* What did you observe about how your team formed?
* Did leaders emerge?
* How would you characterize your teamwork?
* What was the experience like from an interpersonal perspective?
* Think about your team's and your personal creative process. What made you feel successful? What was easy? What was the hardest part?
* What was the most fun about this exercise? Why?
* While you'd never play Junkyard Golf in "real" life, what about this experience reminds you of real life and real work?
* What will you do differently now that you have had this experience?

Makes you think.

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Junkyard Golf

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