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Collosal Croquet

Croquet. Very big croquet. Collosal, even. Think about it. Do something about it, like these people at Burning Man 2005. And these people, shown here, who apparently played with a truck for a mallet. Whilst here we see a scaled-down, more accessible, beach ball-using croquet thingy as played on the rainy streets of Toronto's Kensington Market.

And then there's the veritable World Giant Croquet Federation, even.

Let me know if you find any more of these Collosal games. Croquet, bowling, golf, whatever. I'm big game hunting.

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Tricia said...

Not sure if it's technically "colossal", but there is a big chess game on the Strand in Galveston (unless Rita wiped it out).

Here are two photos, taken in June 2001.

JohnFen said...

And let's not forget Mondo Croquet, played with sledge hammers and bowling balls. My daughter was 2004's Mondo Croquet World Champion.


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