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Junkyard Golf at Southwest Airlines

"The Junkyard Golf experience was a success! We went junk hunting (similar to trick or treating) throughout our Headquarters and collected lots of fun things to use in our golf event.

"We divided up the Teams into nine groups of four. Each was designated a hole. They had 15 minutes to create their miniature golf hole. Then two from each Team played a round of nine holes, and then switched with the next two. They thoroughly enjoyed the game and really got into the creation of their own hole. We gave away Four awards (ribbons) to the most creative hole that truly demonstrated junkyard golf... We also gave one to the highest score and to the lowest (the best golfers) AND to the most enthusiastic Team who really cheered and coached players as they played their Team hole. (We handed out score cards to keep score.... Our Leaders really like competition and this added this particular element for the game)

"Looks like we have an activity that is a keeper for future Camp Cultures. Thank you again for the Guide and most of all for a great idea for a Team Builder, fun event. This fit perfectly with the environment and goal for the morning's activity."

- Cheryl, Director, Leadership Training, Southwest Airlines

(more photos)

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Junkyard Golf

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