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Deeply Played Games

Today's Funcast is about the idea of Deeply Played Games. Here's a taste:

"...there’s chess, on the one culture, and the Japanese game Go on the other – a game of piece-capture vs a game of territory-capture, hierarchy vs. the horde, army vs. terrorist. While chess is the game of kingdoms and military might, the game of Go, according to the author of The Protracted Game, is a remarkably useful paradigm for understanding Maoist Revolutionary Strategy. For example.

"Deeply played games are a kind of cultural theater with massive audience participation, capable of expressing as well as developing identity, communicating as well as transforming the acknowledged values of a culture."

You can read more about Deeply Played Games and all that is implied thereby in the keynote address for the North American Simulation and Games Association I'll be giving October 12.

Play on!

from Bernie DeKoven's FunLog

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