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Play Art is the brain child of artist Ernst Lurker. It is a term he coined, not only to describe his own playful work (reminiscent to me of the art / puzzles of Piet Hein), but to describe what he considers an art movement. He explains:

“Play Art is a new art form that calls for active participation of the viewer. Only through interaction does Play Art disclose its secrets and inherent principles. It is the intention of Play Artists that their work be touched, influenced, and experienced; these are works that demand to be manipulated, rearranged, or set into motion.

“Some Play Artists focus on shapes and structures, others rely on scientific techniques like mechanical principles, physics or digital technology. Whatever the elements, Play Art aims to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Play Art captures the viewer’s imagination and gives rise to the joy of discovery by encouraging hands-on experimentation.”

Long may the Play Art movement, uh, move!

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