Welcome to deepFUN.com

by Bernie DeKoven

This site is about the people and projects, the products and organizations, the ideas and activities, the arts and sciences that help us celebrate life.

Because, when the fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.

As you would discover by perusing my extended (perhaps over-extended) exploration of the kinds of fun, this site, as well as I, are not here to talk about just any old kind of fun. In fact, I’d go further, and say, quite narrowly, that we are particularly interested in just one kind of fun – the kind of fun that we experience when we are part of a well-played game.

That kind of fun is, of course, not restricted to games. We can experience it when we are dancing, or making love, or playing with children or pets, even. This is probably what makes it so powerful, and so vivid, when it happens in a sport, where the only stated objective is to win. Where the only tangible reward comes from winning. And still we manage to create moments of profound, often mystical harmony, spontaneity, shared excellence.

As you read these many posts, and you find me talking about the well-played game kind of fun I’m teaching and sharing and pointing to. When I write about the fun connections between play, laughter, health and happiness, it’s the connection to the experience of playing well together that I’m describing. Or the playful path, this is the kind of play. Even when I write about how fun is easy, this, again, is the fun of the well-played-game kind.

This kind of fun, as notable of an achievement as it is in sports, is just as notable, but even more achievable in games – especially in my kind of games – the playful games whose sole purpose is to make you laugh together. Because in that laughing together we are sharing the wonder of the fun we create, the love we manifest, the mind-body-soul-deep wellness we share, the momentary lowering of the divisions that separate us.

“In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most.” – the Oaqui

A Playful Path photoA playful path is the shortest road to happiness.
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Rena Davidow July 11, 2012 at 3:44 pm

What a wonderful world of games! What delightful personal musings! What heartfelt writing! I come away with something new and inspiring every time I visit.

Thank you, Bernie, Dr. Fun, Master GamesSmith.

California, USA

Adriaan de Jongh October 31, 2013 at 6:09 am

The collection of articles you put together are truly inspirational to me. But actually not in terms of making games, rather in living my life. Your view on play is near religious to me.

It practically adds a purpose to life, defines how I interact with other people, how I wake up everyday and go to work every day. I pick my friends based on how much I can play with them. I practically free-run my way through the streets, playing with my environment. I see freedom in the rules around me, space which is left for me to play in.

I really do hope more people will be inspired by your blog, because, well, there can never be enough fun.

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