graphic by Steve Childs

The Shortest Poem in the World


- not by Muhammed Ali*

In the relationship between ME and WE, one doesn't threaten to become the other. One is the other.


Sometimes WE are really wonderfully fun to be part of. Truly empowering. Truly mutually fun.

You make a joke with a stranger, and suddenly you find yourself being very clever, extraordinarily clever, in fact. You're saying things you clearly wouldn't ordinarily be saying. You're acting in a way you wouldn't ordinarily.

Or you're just talking a walk with someone and you and the world feel suddenly brighter--intellectually, physically, environmentally.

For some reason, in some way, the WE that you are creating and becoming part of is making each of us more fun - smarter, more, more alert, more alive.

I call this experience CoLiberation.

It's the experience of ME empowering the WE empowering the ME. ME and the Other freeing each other. Me and the Harmonic creating the music, ME and the Group Mind, the Team Spirit creating each other.

Depending on how we create it, the WE creates us.

For the fun of it, I made an actual graphic, a computer-generated presentation, in fact, that I use in my routine about relationship between ME and WE.

Here is what it looks like:

On oneAxis we have ME or WE. On Axis Other, WE or ME.

The higher or farther out we go on each axis, the more fun it becomes to be a ME or WE. The closer in, the less.

When the WE and ME are in balance, there is mutual empowerment - CoLiberation. This is indicated by a channel, diagonally equidistant between ME and WE. Here the good meetings, the well-played games, the fun things happen.

Fun is the background, the context, steady state. Games are the rules that help us move up or down the channel, towards and away from the Bigger ME or the Greater WE.


*Hi Major Fun, just saw your page Me-We. Must inform you that Ali did *not* say "Me. We!". What he actually did say was: "Me. Whee!". Which has a completely different meaning, I'm afraid. Nevertheless a fine poem.

Yours, Cubicle Warrior.


me-we-be defined

And here's a Me\We logo from Tess Cartwright.

And the Me\We Handshake.

And a further definition:

"A Mewe knows that every individual is a one of a kind creation with special gifts, weaknesses and strengths. They know each person sees the world in their own special way, different than anyone else. Sometimes it just feels really good to be alone, to be a Me. A Mewe also knows they are the same as others in as many ways as they are different. They know people just naturally want to join together into groups of We. We love to play together. We work together building things. Sometimes it feels the best to be in a group, to be a We. A Mewe gives equal value to the Me and the We parts of themselves and others. Me and We are Mewe, they are one."



graphic by Steve Childs