Yee Haw and other not-necessarily-drinking games

Drinking games, as I have previously acknowledged, remain one of the most consistent sources for truly laugh-worthy Playful Games. To keep to the general audiences nature of true pointlessness, we recommend that you simply substitute beer, for example, with root beer, or something of similar non-minor-corrupting ilk.

Today’s example is the game of Yee Ha, or Yee Haw, a.k.a. the Cowboy game, a. k. a. Hula Hula.

The author introduces the game thusly:

First of all, you need as many people as possible sitting in a big circle, and everyone needs a drink on/near them.

The basic idea of the game is to go around the circle using different actions/words until someone messes up, in which case they drink (Remember to agree on how much the loser drinks before the game starts, it can either be a finger, 2, 3, a shot, whatever, but make sure the loser takes it!). Please drink responsibly.

We can easily avoid any necessity for responsible drinking by the simple beer substitution as described above.

And now, for the introductory rules:

1: Yeehaa

You say: Yeehaa

Your action: You throw your arm, with a clenched fist, across your belly in the direction you want to go.

Result: You pass it along to the person next to you. So if person A starts with’Yeehaa’, and throws their arm to their left, person B then takes over and can either go ‘Yeehaa’ again to pass it to person C, or do another action.. Person B cannot however, pass it back to person A using ‘Yeehaa’, you must continue with the flow using this rule.

Note: This is the most essential and basic action, so if you can’t remember any other action, or are unsure, just go ‘Yeehaa’… Although this is also the most common/boring, so try and use something else..

2: Hoe Down

You say: Hoe Down

Your action: You pull your arm down by your side, kind of like your a trucker pulling the horn.

Result: You reverse the order of play. So, if person A says ‘Yeehaa’ to person B, then person B does a ‘Hoe Down’, it goes back to person A, and they can either go ‘Yeehaa’ to person E, or do another action.

Note: If the direction of play is coming from your left, you must use your right arm. If the direction of play is coming from your right, you must use your left arm. Failure to use the correct arm means you lose.

3: Ride The Pony / Hay Barn

You say: EITHER ‘Ride The Pony’ OR ‘Hay Barn’, depending on which rule you wish to teach.

Your action: Ride The Pony: Put your right arm up in the air and shake it around as if you’re doing a ‘lasso’, while your left hand is doing a ‘spanking’ action from left to right. Hay Barn: You put you hand/arms slanted above your head to make a ‘roof’.

Result: Skips the next person along. So, if person A says ‘Yeehaa’ to person B, then person B says ‘Ride The Pony’, it is up to person D to go ‘Yeehaa’ or another action. If person C reacts, they lose.

Note: You should only teach 1 of these options, different people play with different rules. ‘Hay Barn’ is more commonly used, but ‘Ride The Pony’ is a little funner.

3.5: The Chant:

Now you know the 3 basic rules, you should start doing the starting chant before each round to get the game going! (Although if people lose often you can skip it now and again). Anyone can start the chant, and if started, everyone else has to join in. Even if you stopped playing the game an hour ago, this starts it up again.. These are the words: Oooooohhhhhhhhhh, let the hula hula games begin, YEEHAA, let the hula hula games begin, YEEHAA, yeehaa…. (That final yeehaa is the person who started the chant, beginning the actual game with a yeehaa). The action for this, is while you say the chant, you hit the top of your legs with both hands, then clap your hands, then hit your legs etc, then during the 2 ‘yeehaas’ you essentially do a ‘Hoe Down’ with both arms.

The above being only the beginning of the madness and mayhem awaiting. Read on. There’s 4: Cow Girl and 5: Hey There Lil Doggie Doggie and 6: Four Wheel Drive and on and on, all the way to the explosively hilarious 12: Grenade.

(this significant silliness brought to our collective attention by the sometimes silly but always significant Bernie Heideman)

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