Yet another adult playground

A site called Inhabit recently let us know about a place in Berlin called Mount Center. It’s a playground for adults, featuring a huge parkour facility made largely of recycled  and reclaimed coolness, including tires and, yes, a Volkswagen.

According to Inhabit:

“There is a spot right in the heart of Berlin where people can climb through recycled objects, play beach volleyball and enjoy a day full of outdoor sports and fun. Called Mount Center, the urban park is located in Mitte — German capital‘s trendiest design area. Mount Center’s main attraction is a gigantic parkour course that can be spotted from the street and offers high-flying ropes and a variety of recycled objects for climbing at less than €20 a day.”

This is the second time we’ve learned of the parkour-adult playground connection. As a non-parkouring adult of officially senior status, I’m still looking for something closer to a garden of many hammocks. Nevertheless, these adult playgrounds are certainly something worthy of our attention and celebration, bringing us one step closer to the creation of environments in which we all can play together.

It is only one step, though. It’s not for kids. There’s no wheelchair access. No place to nap, either. But it brings genuine, big-people fun where no fun was before. And that is a good thing, in deed.

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