Your inner sandbox

How about a sandbox for your inner playground? How about your very own inner construction space where you can play by yourself or with any other self that happens by, peacefully, creatively, joyfully?

Multimodal Sand. Imagine sand that can take on any color, any thickness, any texture, any weight, any polarity, any smell and any mood you can imagine it taking. Imagine sand that can turn into water or steel or rich black loam or an ice cream sundae or hot fudge. Precisely as you would imagine!

Now with Amper&Sand®. if you are thinking of what it’d be like to have an infinite supply of the very sand that holds everything together, you’re thinking about Amper&Sand®. Worried about something breaking something? With a generous supply of Amper&Sand® added to every All-Weather Inner Playground Sand Box, breaking something is just the first step towards putting it all together. Amper&Sand®, the one true glue.

Boundaryless Sand Box. Imagine a sand box that can, at will, take on any shape, at all. It is almost too much to imagine yourself imagining. Imagine a sand bubble in zero gravity half-filled with warm, fluffy, gently buzzing, nuzzling sand. Imagine a a seashore of semi-self-forming sand that shapes itself into impossible architectures: palaces and ranch houses, cities and villages, joined by an Escher-like network of tide-filled moats, canals, waterways, and thrill-rides?

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