Your inner tire swing

Thank you for your continued interest.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve this collection of meditation-like explorations of the inner playground that I need, once again, to share with you, largely because of some recent, only slightly misplaced encouragement.

For today’s contemplaytion: the Inner Tire Swing. (You can read the whole of this by clicking on the link. To help you avoid going to such great lengths, I bring you part:

Imagine yourself, sitting in it right now at this time, a tire swing, and it and you are just swinging back and forth, exactly as you want it and you to, with the air feeling just like the air feels on the edges of your lips or nostrils when you breathe in and you breathe out. And as you swing, the breeze caresses your body like a mother or a lover, now your back, now your face.

Try using your breath to kick off and pump your tire swing back into the air. Inhale your tireswing as far back as it can go, then exhale it down until you find yourself almost stopped. If you want, you can even hold your breath, freezing the swing in mid-air. And then let out, and go. The breeze on your imagined body should feel exactly like the air on the edges of your lips and nostrils when you inhale extra hard, or exhale extra hard, when you drink the air in or blow the air out.

And just like the air that passes through your lips and nose, the air that caresses you when you’re on the tire swing never really stops for long. It just reaches the end of one direction, and then goes in the other. The ride back starting just when the ride up ends. (continue)

Tomorrow, we build you Inner Sandbox.

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